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Why Choose Us

The support services provided by Fortune Info are designed around the needs of clients and their individual users. Our engineers deliver exceptional responsiveness and accountability.

By recognising the importance of a personable approach, Fortune Info provides user IT support and training that is responsive, informative and easy to understand. There is so much terminology that can get in the way of relating to each other and sometimes even alienating your staff. We want our clients to get the most out of their technology and to do so, they need to understand how to use it properly. With a motivated approach to helping your employees to ultimately be able to help themselves, the team at Fortune Info are friendly and genuinely enjoy the human interaction that IT alone doesn’t bring to the table.
A few of the unique services our clients receive:

  • 24/7 - Our Service-desk is always at hand to deal with any requests either via the phone, email, or your desktop.
  • Performance - Fortune Info has achieved some of the best performance statistics in our market
    • Technology - Fortune Info has developed a unique platform which provides us some amazing capabilities.
    • Dynamic Roadmap - so you can see everything that is happening in your business
    • Reporting - review all your assets, licenses, software all in one place
    • User-experience - review how your colleagues are using IT and plan appropriate improvements
    • Business workflow - design how you want your support processes to work
    • Collaborate - easily integrate your own IT teams into any support workflows
  • Secure - We provide Secure envoirment which continually assesses the security risks of your devices both inside and outside your network.
  • Friendly - We are a services business. This means that ultimately our business is about people. Although we pride ourselves on delivering excellence when it comes to service and technology, ensuring our staff communicate well and are approachable is a critical component of any successful relationship.

Fortune Info IT support team have put effort into recruiting dynamic problem-solvers, who can not only resolve complex IT issues, but can explain in everyday language what went wrong and how it was fixed. We are proud to have some of the best response and fix rates in our sector.

To engage our services, simply get in touch and talk us about your needs. Client feedback is important to us. Our engineers, as with all of our team members embrace the culture of measuring success in terms of client satisfaction. Furthermore, we capture data about everything we do, which can be accessed via our online business information portal, or through our monthly service review meetings.

To ensure we really get it right, where possible we place our staff on clients’ sites for the day. This encourages a close working relationship that helps us improve both our understanding of our clients’ changing requirements and to keep us on track to respond appropriately to our clients’ priorities. Our focus is to keep your IT solutions operating at all times, to minimise potential impact on trading or profitability.
Fortune Info is in business to keep you in business.

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